Wyoming Employment Specialist Training

The Wyoming Employment Specialist Training (WEST) is a coalition of Wyoming trainers certified to provide Employment Specialist Trainings across the state. Trainees will learn how to build business partnerships, job coaching strategies, GAP analysis, discovery and career planning, on the job supports and much more. Classes offered for $300/student ($250 for WCSP members), contact us to schedule your training. This training is recognized by Wyoming Division on Developmental Disabilities as a certified employment training.

For more information on WEST trainings, please call Rich Gannon at 307-274-1680 or email RichG@AbiliCareWY.com

"Prior to attending the Wyoming Employment Specialist Training (W.E.S.T.), I took a Supported Employment web based certificate class which was 12 weeks long. Like many online courses, there was a lot of reading and networking with other people in the field. Although I learned a lot in that class, I found the W.E.S.T. training to be more relevant and useful to providing employment services in Wyoming. W.E.S.T. brings together other providers in Wyoming that are experiencing the same challenges and successes that we can all learn from and build upon. There is something to be said about being in a classroom and building relationships with your peers throughout the state that just can’t be duplicated in an online class. The Wyoming Employment Specialist Training is hands on, engaging and informative. It contains the right amount of classroom time as well as opportunity to apply the skills and principles in our own community."

Ami Egge, Vice President of Community Resources, ARK Regional Services

“Being the Community Integration Lead I learned that employment really does go hand in hand with Community Integration and that I am capable of creating and finding opportunities for the people that I serve on a daily basis. I am getting them out there to do more volunteerism for businesses by going and doing something kind for them. I am truly excited to get out more and connect with the community and show them that the people we serve are such an amazing group of people and that they are capable of more than sorting buttons and folding wash rags.”

Michele Bustos, Life Skills

“After the WEST training my work has been significantly easier, everything I was doing before was creating numerous roadblocks and a lot of “no’s” across the board. I technically was not doing anything wrong, however I was not doing things in the most effective way possible and it negatively impacted my people served. I now have an arsenal of tools that have already made work a lot easier and I feel a lot more competent and confident in my abilities. I know exactly where to look to find the information that I need to make finding or creating job opportunities for new people; also how to change things that are already in place to make things more smooth and people happy."

Catheryn Miller, Life Skills